rokh is founded by Rok Hwang, London based fashion house. Before establishing his own aesthetic ethos in 2016; Rok was designer for eminent fashion house, Celine, under head of house Phoebe Philo. And freelanced for Louis Vuitton and Chloe.

rokh garments, designed which timeless in mind and crafted to last through each season, are familiar yet unique renditions of classic aesthetics. Pieces accent an existing wardrobe with a raw attitude and sensual detailing, defined by the labels unique, yet familiar elegance. rokh reflects the notion that all pieces should be structured, timeless and above all, adaptable.

rokh philosophy is to give the image new value. rokh harnesses the image as a palimpsest, each layer is inscribed upon the previous, sometimes erased, sometimes affirmed. That which is affirmed grows stronger, that which fails falls away. Trivial trends are erased in favour of visuals that speak co the genuine ways youth expresses itself. Youth forms its own image, which is where rokh direct our gaze.